We have provided a sample of the offences with which we assist our clients. Of course, there are far more criminal offences than we can reasonably list here. If you do not see your charges listed here, it is not because we do not have experience dealing with it. We have assisted more clients than we can count facing all types of criminal offences.

We specialize in trial and appeal advocacy, and are proficient in dealing with Charter of Rights issues.

Every case is unique, and so is every client. Our focus is on providing client-focused advocacy and exploring every aspect of a case.

We provide free consultations because we believe that it is essential that a potential client is comfortable with the counsel that they choose. The client-solicitor relationship has to be based on mutual trust and respect, and if potential clients do not feel that it is a fit with our counsel, then we do not want them to feel any pressure. The Charter guarantees the right to counsel of choice, and to have true choice, you need to explore your right and feel comfortable with the lawyer you choose.

Please feel free to book your free consultation with us today to see if we are a fit for your needs and your case.